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Images taken 04/25/99 by Thom LaCosta-Kodak 120 Digital

[ auditorium.jpg ]
auditorium.jpg(36203 bytes)
Need Some Text-Talk about the programs you offer

[ car1050.jpg ]
car1050.jpg (39829 bytes)
Is this new paint Job..check picture up now

[ car129.jpg ]
car129.jpg (30720 bytes)
This really needs text to go with it

[ car6110.jpg ]
car6110.jpg (41934 bytes)
Check this against picture that is up now

[ car7407.jpg ]
car7407.jpg (36182 bytes)
We has this car up....which picture to use ?

[ carbarn.jpg ]
carbarn.jpg (37808 bytes)
We really need to set up a day and time to get a series of pictures of what's in the barn....also need some of folks working on the stuff

[ outside.jpg ]
outside.jpg (42571 bytes)
Not sure if you can use this one

[ streetlight.jpg ]
streetlight.jpg (25382 bytes)
This really needs some text explaining the light, history, all that good stuff