B.S.M.'s Santa's Streetcar 2014

Article and Pictures By Andrew S. Blumberg


A stubborn winter finally gave way to a harbinger of spring when the Chesapeake Region, Antique Automobile Club of America (CRAACA), made the first of two visits scheduled for 2015 to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, on March 29.


Despite windy and cool conditions, approximately 40 vehicles graced the museum’s North Avenue Loop and adjacent carhouse trackage.  As usual, there was a healthy selection of automobiles, spanning the 1930s up to the 1980s—yes, even relics from the late years of the 20th century are now officially qualified to be classified as “antique.”  Classic sedans and re-tooled hot rods shared the stage with muscle cars and cream puffs that looked as pristine as the day they rolled off the assembly line.


Among the crowd favorites that made an appearance: an immaculate 1947 Cadillac, a jet-black 1949 Dodge, a split-window 1963 Corvette Stingray, a classic 1967 Buick Skylark and the meet’s winner, as picked by museum member Logan Tracey—a light green (as in mint) 1954 Hudson Hornet.


In addition to the beautiful selection of vintage vehicles, the barbershop quartet “Surprise!” from Gaithersburg, Maryland performed on the streetcars and amongst the antique autos for much of the afternoon.  Another treat was local organist Jim Curd, who played a medley of popular tunes (which included taking requests) inside the visitors’ center on his portable organ.  Various visitors tried to stump Jim with various 1950s and 60s television theme songs and Top 40 hits, but he proved up to the task with each and every one.


If you missed this appearance of the CRAACA, no need to worry—the group is scheduled to exhibit at the museum again this fall, on October 18.  Check the museum’s website's Events Page for more details as the date draws closer.

Here are some pictures from this event.  We hope that you will enjoy them.  Click here to see more pictures from the CRAACA's website.
The show's winner. The 1954 Hudson.
And the winner is: This is the 1954 Hudson that was the winner of the show. ANOTHER VIEW: This is another view of the Hudson.  The red reflection comes from car #2168.
Vistors ride with Santa. The one and only Mercury. 
CHECKING THINGS OUT: Despite the breezy, but sunny weather, lots of visitors took in the collection of cars ... both the automobile and streetcar kind. A FORMER BRAND: Here's a car, which brand is no longer being manufactured ... a Mercury.  Its automatic transmission was known as "Merc-O-Matic."
A Chrysler Corporation product.  Two luxorious car. 
FROM THE CHRYSLER CORPORATION: A black Dodge sits next to the car in which you "saw the U.S.A.," a Chevrolet. LUXURY CARS: Car #7407, known to be the ultimate streetcar is parked next to "The Standard of the World" ... a Cadillac.
Article and pictures © 2015, Andrew S. Blumberg, all rights reserved.