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Baltimore PCCs and Trolleys

The following photos were taken at the Baltimore Streetcar Museum, August 1996, by David Pirmann. Information about the Baltimore Streetcar Museum

Baltimore Streetcar Museum
P.O. Box 4881
Baltimore, MD 21211

(baltpcc1.jpg) Baltimore Transit PCC #7407, Front/Right Side. (121k)

(baltpcc2.jpg) Left Side (135k)

(baltpcc3.jpg) Left Rear (117k)

(baltpcc4.jpg) Rear View (125k)

(baltpcc5.jpg) Control Stand and Fare Box (113k)

(baltpcc6.jpg) Interior (133k)

(bsm1.jpg) PCC 7407 and Peter Witt 6119 (Brill, 1930). Baltimore Trolley Museum. (136k)

(bsm2.jpg) 1896 Brownell open car 554. Baltimore Trolley Museum. (154k)

(bsm3.jpg) 1902 Brill open car 1164. Baltimore Trolley Museum. (143k)

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