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John LaCosta

Track Updates for December 23, 2001

John LaCosta    S aturday (12/22)

     Ed Amrhein was busy in the morning cleaning out the area behind the Car House that will become track four in the future. While Ed was cleaning below, I went on to the roof of the Car House and cleaned the gutters, and did they need it!


     Mark Dawson and Chris Howell were busy printing the last pages of the instruction manual for our newest revenue car, 4533. Just before lunch Justin Thillman and I joined the crew and set up an assembly line to fold, collate and staple the books. The books should be ready in January and will provide a convenient reference manual for operators of the car.

     Rick Obbink and Gary Fairbanks continued to work on the journal boxes for 3828.

     Sunday (12/23)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson, Chris McNally, Drew Paren (student) and Eric Smith (student) as crew.

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