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BSM Track Update - October 7 to November 10, 2007

John LaCostaDuring the month of October the museum participated in Baltimore Free Fall. Free Fall is sponsored by the city and in return for a fixed fee, museums are open to the public for free. This is the second year that the museum has participated and this year we had a higher average attendance per day than last year.

This month also say the completion of pouring a concrete floor along track four of the car house. This floor will make it easier for the restoration crew to work on the cars stored on track four as well as allow us to use the electric car lifts to lift the car bodies off the trucks to allow them to be sent out for re-gauging. 

Track four has also had a sprinkler system installed to protect the cars in the event of a fire. While we were getting the sprinkler system added to track four, we are also in the process of updating the rest of the system. 

If you come down to the museum you will also see the start of the transition to our winter holiday displays which include the enlarged and improved train display.

The restoration crew continues to work on car 417 while the 22nd street shops support the car restoration and the upcoming conversion of the PCC Line Car to Baltimore gauge.

Car 264 has finally received it repaired traction motor. The gear was reattached to the armature, placed in the pit and installed on the truck. AT this point 264 is back in service, just in time for winter.

The PCC is currently out of service while we repair its accelerator drum. This is one of the hardest items to repair for us due to the cramped location within the car and delicate nature of the drum. All of the damage parts have been removed and we hope to have the new parts installed next month.

127 with new signs

During switching to work on 264, 417 saw daylight and the new roof signs can be seen.
Cleaning car

Dave Willson can be seen cleaning the interior of the car while it is out in the sun shine, much easier to see than with work lights
Bad Motor
Good Motor

The picture on the left was how the motor looked after it failed, the picture above is the repaired motor before the gear was installed on the tapered shaft.
Gear CleaningFull MotorGear
On the far left is the gear cleaning set up, a bucket of water with a propane heater. Washing Soda is added to the water and brought to a boil with the gear in the water. After it has been boiling for a while, it is quickly removed, placed on the tapered shaft of the armature, tapped on and the nut is applied as shown in the picture above. The red and yellow box is the baking soda.
Motor and backhoe
PCC Drum
The picture above is the PCC accelerator drum with the damaged ribbons removed. The picture to the left is 264's motor on its way to the pit.
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