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John LaCosta

Track Updates for September 17, 2000

John LaCosta    S aturday (9/16)

     Rick Obbink, Ed Amrhein and I did normal battery maintenance on the two cranes and two fork lifts at 22nd street shops.

     Rick has started the repair of 1050's one seat (about 17 feet long!).

     Ed and I also sent part of the day painting the trolley wire pole in the center of North Avenue loop in preparation for the festival the next day.

     The 4533 crew was hard at work getting it ready for the afternoon display.

Car 4553     This was also the day of the annual meeting and members day. As a special treat 417 and 4533 were brought out into the sunlight so the members could get a good look at them. 4533 even went for one trip out the line with the members.

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach and Paul Ritterhoff as crew for a night charter.

     Sunday (9/17)

     The Jones Falls Festival was held and Falls Road was closed to motor vehicle traffic for the day so walkers, runners and riders could enjoy the festival and the many displays booths along the way. Even Northbound I-83 was closed during the morning to allow everyone to use it without fear of automobiles.

     While this did limit our normal visitors, we did carry 636 riders during the day for a nickel fare (although many donated money in excess of their fare).

     It took one Dispatcher, one Starter and 15 crew members to support the day long event. Girl Scout Troop 1268 planed a small garden in the center of North Avenue Loop.

     Ben M. Bates was Dispatcher, Ed Amrhein was starter with C. Ben Bates, Catherine La Costa, John La Costa, Carl Thistel, Andy Blumberg, Mark Dawson, David Baynes, Jim Robertson, David Navjokas, Dan Lawrence, Chris Ellis, Justine Thillman, Bob Krueger and Maury Bates as crew.

     Even with all this activity the 4533 crew continued to work on the car while the warm weather continued. They have put the car number an stripping on portions of the exterior of the car.

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