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Track Updates for August 27, 2000

John LaCosta    S aturday (8/19)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with Jim Genthner, David Navjokas, Dan Lawrence and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Work on 4533 continued.

     A same crew of BSM's line department (Dennis Yeager, David Crow, Ed Amrhein and I) spent Friday and today at the Pennsylvania Trolley museum helping with installation of a trolley feeder along the line.

     Sunday (8/20)

     John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Mel Boteler, Paul Ritterhoff and Jim Roberston as crew.

     Friday (8/25)

     Rick Obbink directed the initial hole drilling for the new fence. This study metal fence will run along the Falls Road side of the yard, starting at the Car House and continuing to the B&O bridge. It will have two pedestrian gates and one large vehicle gate.

     Saturday (8/26)

Painting Car Ed Amrhein, Rick Obbink and Justin Tillman finished the final post holes and inserted the posts in 2/3 of the holds for the new fence. Each post has a concrete poured based to support the weight of the fence.

     The 4533 crew was hard at work and the one side and both ends were painted with the final orange coat of paint.

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Rick Williams, Denis Falter, Jim Genthner and Chris Howell as crew.

Fence Posts Sunday (8/27)

     Ed Amrhein, Justin Thillman, Dennis Yeager, Rick Obbink and I completed installing the first set of fence posts.

     Ed, Justin and I also adjusted the PCC track brake height.

     Rick Williams was Dispatcher with David Crow, Andy Blumberg and Dan Lawrence as crew.

     During the afternoon the crew on 4533 took the car out of the Car House and turned it on the North Avenue loop to allow painting of the other side. The car now has its proper paint below the belt rail on one side and on both ends.

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