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Track Updates for August 6, 2000

John LaCosta    T he last month has been somewhat of a blur for me so I will just go over what has happened, but not the exact dates.

     The track brakes for the front truck of the PCC were wired up and tested OK. The PCC was put back in service after an almost one month absence. (Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell and John La Costa)

     The crew working on 4533 is busy at work, both on the inside and outside. Mark Dawson has continued to apply decals to the inside of the car. Buster Hughes, Chris McNally, Chris Howell and GeneCarson continue to prepare area to be painted. The remaining body work has started in preparation for the exterior to be pained, hope you like the color. Ed and I spent most of one day repairing the damages commutator on 4533's motor.

     The horse car was unloaded from its trailer and placed back in its normal location.

     The side wall next to Falls Road was cleaned so that the operating crews can get to the side of the PCC without having to squeeze by the dirty items that use to be stored there.

Wheels and Stuff     A large load of traction motors and wheels were received by the museum as part of a trade and these required storing. It took both fork lifts to unload the heavy items from the tractor trailer. These motors will allow us to get the crane in service sooner (Rick Obbink, Ed Amrhein, Justin Thillman, John La Costa)

     Rick Obbink completed 1164's 1st axle bearing casting and started working on the second one.

     Saturday (7/8)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes, Denis Falter and Carl Thistel as crew.

     Sunday (7/9)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Justin Thillman, Ray Cannon and Buster Hughes as crew.

     Wednesday (7/12)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher for a tour with Tom Phillips, John Diefenbach, Fred Schneider and M. Bates as crew.

     Saturday (7/15)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Bernie Sachs, Dennis Falter and David Baynes as crew.

     Sunday (7/16)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher for the normal trips with Ed Amrhein as Dispatcher for the charter. The crew was Carl Thistel, Mark Dawson and Justin Thillman.

     Wednesday (7/19)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher for a tour with Charlie Plantholt, Maury Bates, John Diefenbach, C. Ben Bates, Jim Robertson and Harry Gesser as crew.

     Saturday (7/22)

     Ed Amrhein was dispatcher for a charter with Justin Thillman and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Cohen and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Sunday (7/23)

     Ed Amrhein was dispatcher for a charter with Carl Thistel, Jim Robertson and John Diefenbach as crew.

     Monday (7/24)

     Mark Hurley was Dispatcher, Dan Lawrence at 28th street with Mark Dawson, Cath La Costa, John La Costa, David Navjokas, Sharon Higgins, David Baynes and Chris Howell as crew for the annual evening Band Concert

     Saturday (7/29)

     Rick Williams was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter as crew.

     Sunday (7/30)

     Ray Cannon was Dispatcher with Justin Thillman, Mike Citro, Ben Bates and Andy Blumberg as crew.

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