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Track Updates for July 8, 2001

John LaCosta    Wednesday (6/20)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Jim Robertson, Charlie Plantholt, Ben Bates and M. Bates as crew for a daytime charter.

     Saturday (6/23)

     The morning started out with the track crew turned tree trimmers at work along the line. The crew included Josh Lepman, Ed Amrhein, Rick Obbink, Paul Ritterhoff, Dan Lawrence and myself.

     Mark Hurley was Dispatcher with John Engleman, David Navjokas, John Diefenbach and Tom Phillips as crew.

     Sunday (6/24)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence, Ben Bates and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

     Wednesday (6/27)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel and Dennis Falter as crew for an evening charter.

     Saturday (6/30)

     Due to the hot weather, the track crew had an abbreviated day and spent it getting tie plates in place on the new second track.

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter, Fred Schneider and Bob Cohen as crew.

     Sunday (7/1)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach, Ben Bates, Bernie Sachs and Warren Olt as crew.

     Saturday (7/7)

     The tack crew again spent most of the day clearing trees from the future second track area. The crew included Ed Amrhein, Rick Obbink, Chris McNally, Jim Robertson, Josh Lepman and myself.

     David Crow was up working on cleaning strain insulators using the newly installed air compressor at the 22nd street shop..

     Rich Williams was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter, Dan Lawrence and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

Rick and Air Compressor     During the late afternoon, the air compressor stopped working on  6119. A quick check determined that the 600 volt motor had developed a short. Rick Obbink, Bill and I removed the air compressor from the car and Rick and Bill started working on getting one good air compressor from the 2 used units we had purchased from Boston.

     Sunday (7/8)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Chris McNally, Mark Dawson,and myself as crew.

     Work continued on the replacement air compressor and by early evening, the replacement air compressor was installed in 6119 and the car placed back in service. Rick Obbink, Bill and Ed Amrhein did a great job in getting the car back in service in a short period of time.

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