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BSM Update April 7, 2008 to June 22, 2008

John LaCostaThe last three months have continued the busy level of work at the museum. The track crew has continued is push to connect the second track to the double track at the south end. Ties have been placed in the remaining approximately 300 feet of rail with only about 50 feet on one side left to spike. Tree trimming has started to allow the line car to come down the track in the next few months to hang the remaining overhead wire.

The shop during this same period has replaced the standard gauge trucks on the El Paso car with Baltimore gauge shop truck, re-gauged one Philadelphia PCC and are half way through re-gauging the snow sweeper. This is about one car a month, quite an accomplishment. The re-gauging of the PCC was done with while the car was sitting on four track, the truck were never removed from under the car. In the case of the sweeper, the car had to be jacked up, the trucks rolled out and taken to the 22nd shops to have the axels replaced with ones that were re-gauged to Baltimore gauge. While the trucks were out the motor armatures were removed and sent to be checked, baked and painted, prior to being installed on the new axles. With the wheels moved out to Baltimore gauge, new offset brake shows were cast and installed on the truck. Once the re-gauging of the sweeper is complete, the line crew will install overhear trolley wire trough at the front of track four and then run wire from the existing end of four track wire to the car house, this will replace the temporary wire that was put up. 

The Falls Road side of the car house now has a set of rose bushes. Another update was the addition of full size murals on each of the car house roll doors, each showing one of the museum’s streetcars, it will be hard to miss our musem when driving south on Falls road when we are closed.

While it is had to believe, the Visitors Center is getting to be an old building, and as such, a number of major maintenance items need to be done. One has been completed, we now have a brand new roof, which should address the numerous leaks that had developed over the years. A temporary fix to the air conditioning system was also completed, ensuring a cool place when you come to visit this summer.

Unfortunately the PCC is back on the pick with a problem in its traction motor control circuit. At this point the entire resistor assemble will have to be removed for repair, not a quick fix.

The restoration crew continues to work on car 417.

Car House Doors

New pictures on the Car House doors let everyone know what's inside

El Paso on the loop7303 with Baltimore gauge trucks on the loop
Up in the air with no trucks
7303 up in the air with its standard guage trucks removed. In the distance the crew is ready to roll the shop trucks to the car.

To the right final adjusments are made to the shop truck before the car is lowered. Since the car was offset to the center line of the track, the bolster of the truck had to be "moved" over to match.
Adjusting the truck
trucks on the move

removing wheel
To the left 264 is getting ready to tow the shop trucks out past the spring switch so they can be push back to 7303.
Above Rick is preparing to remove the wheel from the PCC on four track.
no wheel
The picture above shows the wheel assemble removed from the PCC and ready for the spacer to move it out to baltimore gauge.
sweeper up in the airWith the PCC regaugeed, the sweeper was jacked ou and the trucks removed to be regauged at the 22nd street shops, to the right the sweeper can be seen without its trucks.
sweeper traction motor
All of the traction motrs were removed from the sweeper trucks and the armatures sent out to be checked. The fields were cleaned and painted at the 22nd street shops
laying out ties
With work conmpleted under our right of way, the track crew started setting out ties to complete the double tracking.
Loose rail
With teh ties in place the rails were moved roughly in place
Bloting up the rail
The track crew bolting up the rails on the new section.
spiking rail
Spiking the rail to the ties.
Almost done spiking
The track is roughly aligned and almost completely spiked.
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