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Track Updates for June 18, 2000

John LaCosta    S aturday (6/10)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with Dave Crow, M Bates, Paul Ritterhoff and Ray Cannon as crew.

     Sunday (6/11)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Justin Thillman, Jim Genthner, Dennis Falter and Tom Phillips as crew

     Saturday (6/17)

     Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell and I continued to work on the brake shoes for the PCC. I had to leave before it was done, but not only did they finish that project, they removed the magnetic track brakes from the front truck with the help of Rick Obbink.

     The magnetic track brakes are used as an additional braking method for the car. The track brakes coils are located between the two axles on each side of the truck and when the brake pedal is pushed more than half way down to the floor, the magnetic track brakes pull down to the rail and slow the car. The track brakes on the front truck had an intermittent short and needed to be replaced. Next weekend we hope to get the replacement brakes installed.

     The 4533 crew continues to work on the car, often a few nights as well as during the weekend. The doors have been primed on the outside and varnished on the inside, including the decals. The end platforms windows are having glass installed and the outside of the car is being primed. New door motor hatches are being built to replace the old ones.

     I was Dispatcher with Justin Thillman, Dennis Falter and John Diefenbach as crew.

     Sunday (6/18)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes and Mark Dawson as crew on a very busy day.

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