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John LaCosta

June 1 to June 17, 2007

John LaCosta    Work at the museum has cenetered on extention of the North avenue loop to track four of the car house. This work has been in stages at the last section of rail has been installed. Once this porject is completed, the fourth track of the car house will be accessable via the North avenue loop. The next task after that will be to re-gauge the PCC currently stored in fron of hte Vistitor's Center as well as the three cars stored on track four. We hope to have the sweeper outside of hte car house by the annual meeting. 

The track gang was back working in front of the Visitor’s Center on four track. Two Saturdays ago they cut the matching curved rail and once getting it placed in the correct position, they cut a section of straight rail to connect to the car house and a second piece to straight rail to connect to the the switch. In order to get the length correct, they also had to block the rail up to the same height as the other rail.Looking South to Car House
Looking North from Car HouseThis past Saturdays drilled holes in the web of the rail and installed gauge rods. The gauge rods are used to hold the distance between the rails to match the distance ont eh streetcar wheels. With the gauge rods in, the next step is to adjust the gauge of the rail, level the rail, weld the cross rail and complete the compromise joints where the rail joins the car house rail.
Comprimise BarThe shop is busy at work on making the compromise bars. These bars have to have a very accurate shape to match the profile of the different rail types that we are joining together. To ease this task they have small sections of each type of rail that they are using to test fit the bars.

Meanwhile the restoration crew continues to work on car 129 with the shop is supporting that effort.

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