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John LaCosta

Track Updates for April/May 2002

John LaCosta    W ednesday (4/3)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence as crew for a charter.

Saturday (4/6)

     Ed Amrhein moved the water fountain to allow the new soda machine to fit in the Visitor's Center.

     John Engleman continued working on the second expansion of the demonstration "O" gauge trolley layout.

     Rick Obbink and CJ continued working in the 22nd street shops to support the restoration team.

     I spent most of the morning getting the automated answering machine back to a functional state.

Sunday (4/7)

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Carl Merson, John O'Neill, Don Homberg and Drew Paren as crew.

Wednesday (4/10)

     Ben Bates was dispatcher with Jim Robertson, Mike Citro and Charlie Plantholt as crew for a daytime charter.

Saturday (4/13)

     Ed Amrhein and I spent the early morning cutting the grass.

     Ed, Joe, Rick Obbink and Chris McNally spent the rest of the day working on te new buss addition to our collection.

Car 554 Roof     I helped Dave Wilson retrieve 554's hood from the stripper and Dave continued work on getting 554 ready for the new canvas roof.

     In the afternoon I was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter as crew for a charter.

Sunday (4/14)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Drew Paren, Tim Smith, Bob Alpern and Mark Dawson as crew.

     Ed and Rick Obbink continued working on the new Ford bus.

     Dave Wilson and Dave Crow continued working on 554.

Sunday (4/21)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Dave Navjokas, Dan Lawrence, Justin Thillman and Chris McNally as crew.

Welding GearSaturday (5/11)

     I spent the early morning cutting grass.

     Paul Ritterhoff came down with the replacement spring for 6119's trolley catcher, and after some minor adjustments, the trolley catcher was back in working order and reinstalled on the car. The trolley catcher is the device at the back of the streetcars that holds the trolley rope. Normally the catcher keeps alight tension on the trolley line and lets it out as the trolley pole rises and takes the rope back in as the trolley poles drops. If the trolley wheel ever dewires and comes of the trolley wire, the pole would snap up and could damage the top of the car. The trolley catcher prevents this by stopping the trolley wire from paying out.

     Rick Obbink, Gary Fairbanks, Bill and I continued to work on the shop getting the gear cutter ready to cut traction motor pinion gears.

Sunday (5/12)

     The 554 crew grew to Dave Wilson, Dave Crow, Buster Hughes and Mark Dawson.

     Rick Obbink and Gary Fairbanks continued working in the shop.

Bent PoleSaturday (5/18)

     The shop spent most of the day working on a very bent and damaged trolley pole from the Manheim Historical Society. Not only did we have to remove the trolley wheel and harp from the bent pole, we have to straighten a slight bent pole and install the trolley wheel and harp on the newly straightened pole. Since the museum had recently received a number of slightly bent trolley poles, it was a good time to se what it would take to replace a very bent pole and help out another museum at the same time.

Sunday (5/19)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with John Engleman, Tim Smith and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

Wednesday (5/22)

     Fred Schneider was Dispatcher with Charlie Plantholt, Jim Robertson and Mike Citro as crew.

Saturday (5/25)

     Dave Wilson and Dave crow continued working on 554's new roof.

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Tim Smith, Chris Howell and I for a charter.

Sunday (5/26)

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Sharon Higgins, Mike Citro, Bob Cohen, Chris McNally, Ted Smith and Dave Wilson as crew.

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