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John LaCosta

Track Updates for June 4, 2000

John LaCosta    S aturday (6/3)

     Ed Amrhein and I removed a tree branch from the communication lines that go to the sub-station and 22nd street shops. While we were at it, we also cleaned the ivy (and as to be expected, the poison ivy) from the CSX bridge pear were it was hanging down on the communication lines.

     Ed Amrhein and I, with the help of Chris Howell continued to work on the brakes on 7407. With the addition of an air operated hammer the bolts were driven out of the brake beam castings, the beam dropped, old brake shoes removed, new rubber bushing installed. This took longer than we had anticipated so the final installation of the brake shoes will have to wait for another day.

     This is the beginning of the summer season so the museum was open to visitors.

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter, Warren Olt, David Navjokas and Fred Schneider as crew.

Brake Work     Rick Obbink and Gary continued to work on the axle bearing caps for 1164's truck. This task involves taking large pieces of metal, over a foot square, and milling it to fit the motor housing.

     Bob Kreuger was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach as crew fro an evening charter.

     Sunday (6/4)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Warren Olt, and Sharon Higgins as crew.

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