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Track Updates for May 26, 2007

Work continues on the final extension of track four to the car house, but at a somewhat slower rate. The track gang moved over to completing the spiking of the second track as far south as they can go without getting in the way of the City’s upcoming repair of an underground culvert that is exactly under where the send track is to go. With that task at a temporary standstill, and a new hydraulic hose in hand, they started to complete the work on the tamper that is currently jacked just outside the Car House on track 3. This hose is used to raise and lower a small platform under the tramper that allows the tamper to be lifted up and off the rails so it can be turned around or at right angles to the rail when it is being loaded onto a transport vehicle.

With the upcoming installation of sprinklers over the track four extension of the Car House, the remaining 20 feet for roof needs to be completed in order to get the final approval. Since the roof has to be slopped to get the rain to properly flow off the roof, the time consuming part of this task is to get the proper height supports in place for the roof. This involves us using the line truck to do most of the work. By the end of Saturday, the support beams were in place and all that remains is the installation of the last 20 feet of roof decking. The fact that we did not have the roof decking on hand was not the reason we did not finish this task, it was late and we (all three of us) were very hot and had to get get back down to get cool.

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