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Track Updates for April 17, 2000

John LaCosta    W ednesday (4/12)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Harry Gesser and Charlie Plantholt as crew for a daytime charter.

     Saturday (4/15)

     As part of an overall program to clean up the Jones Falls, Boy's Latin volunteered to clean up the Falls Road area from the 22nd Street shops to the North Avenue Bridge. Ed Amrhein and I pitched in and by Noon they had finished the job. The area along our lines looks much better than it did before they arrived. After the clean up Ed and I took everyone for a tour of the Car House and a ride on 1164.

bushing Ed and I then looked into what was wrong with the one motor in 4533. After some checking we noticed that far end of the commutator was damaged and that all of the bars were shorted together. Further investigation revealed that the one of the wires to the brush holder was too long and was dragging on the armature commutator. As soon as 7407 is off the pit we will drop the armature and fix the shorted bars.

     Sunday (4/16)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Ben Bates, Dennis falter and Carl Thistel as crew.

     I spent the afternoon working on a key operated lock and Ed worked on painting a signal.

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