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John LaCosta

Track Updates for March 31, 2002

John LaCosta    S aturday (3/2)

     Ed Amrhein, Dan Lawrence and I spent the early part of the morning repairing an overhead electric line used to power the nighttime lights at the Museum. If you wanted to see the BTC line truck in use, it was a great time.

     Ed Amrhein, Dan Lawrence, Eric Smith and I removed 6119's trolley pole which had a slight bend, straighten it and reinstalled it on the car.

Sunday (3/3)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Bob Alpern, Andy Blumberg, Drew Paren, Ray Cannon, Mel Boteler, Chris McNally, Eric Smith and Sharon Higgins as crew.

files Saturday (3/9)

     Ed Amrhein, Josh Lepman and Chris Howell moved 9 file cabinets to the museum for the library. This was the first of two moves.

Sunday (3/10)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with David Baynes and Carl Thistel as crew.

Wednesday (3/13)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Mike Citro, Charlie Plantholt and John Diefenbach as crew for a daytime charter.

Car 555Saturday (3/16)

     Ed Amrhein, Josh Lepman and I went on another expedition to get file cabinets for the Library. The price was right, all it cost was our time to get them and bring them to the Museum.

     Ed Amrhein and Joe Walker spent the rest of the day working on 264s truck to replace a broken bolt.

     Ben Bates the younger was Dispatcher with Drew Paren, Dan Lawrence and Eric Smith as crew for a charter.

Sunday (3/17)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Drew Paren, Buster Hughes, Paul Ritterhoff, Carl Thistel and Eric Smith as crew.

Gary in ShopSaturday (3/23)

     It was a great day until 1050 decided to not say on three track. Ed Amrhein, Gary Fairbank, Ray Cannon, Rick Obbink, Joe Walker, Eric Smith and Drew Paren spent the rest of the day getting it back on the tracks and replacing a few ties.

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with David Navjokas as crew.

Sunday (3/24)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Bob Alpen, John Diefenbach, Mike Citro, Drew Paren and Eric Smith as crew.

lifeguard     Most of our cars have either a fender or lifeguard to prevent people for going under a streetcar if they were to step in front of a moving car. The good part is these devices did work and save lives when the cars were in service in Baltimore. The down side is if the lifeguard tripped near a switch, it would often be damaged. Late in the day we had an example, but at least not caused by someone one being hit by a streetcar.

     The lifeguard accidentally tripped and by the time the crew stopped the car. It was a piece of bent metal and splinted wood. The shop crew removed it from the car and took it to the shop to repair/replace it.

Wednesday (3/27)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Charlie Plantholt, Mike Citro, John Diefenbach, Jim Robertson and M. Bates as crew for a charter.

Saturday (3/30)

     David Crow and I installed the new signal hardware at 22nd street.

     David Crow, Josh Lepman and I went on a short trip to get some used telephone equipment for spare parts for the Museum's system.

     Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell, Chris McNally and Rick Obbink went off site to work on the latest Museum acquisition, a 1947 Ford Bus. These buses were small by today standards and were bought to help increase the frequency of service. In the end they were used on the jerkwater line.

Buster     Buster Hughes, Dave Wilson, David Crow and Paul Ritterhoff started work on roof canvas removal on 554's hip roof. They also removed one of the hoods to be stripped and have the canvas replaced.

     Gary Fairbank, Dennis Yeager, CJ and I spent the afternoon working in the 22nd street. On of the main tasks was to disassemble the mangled lifeguard and straighten the bent rods.

     Sunday (3/31)

Wilson     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson, Bob Cohen, Bob Alpen and Chris McNally as crew. Drew Paren was Cashier.

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