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John LaCosta

Track Update for January - March, 2004

John LaCosta    S aturday (1/3)

     The track crew was out in force and replaced over 20 ties in the main line between Glen Edwards Avenue and 22nd street shops.

     The shop moved a new piece of machinery into the 22nd street shop.

     The shop also worked on the tractor.

     The crew for the day was Chris Howell, Chris McNally, Drew Paren, Dan McCaffery, Carl Merson, Justln Tillman, Chuck, Dave Crow, Sam, Josh Lepman and Ed Amrhein.

Sunday (1/4)

     The Dispatcher was Chris Howell with Dan McCaffery and Carl Merson as crew.

Saturday (1/10)

     A crew came in to detrim the Christmas tree and remove the holiday decorations.

     The crew included Ed Amrhein, Dennis Yeager, Joe Wallker, John La Costa, Dan Lawrence, Rick Williams, Bill Amrhein, Sam, Bill, Chris MaNally, Buster Hughes, John Engleman.

     After the visitor Center was restored to normal, Chris McNally, Buster Hughes, John Engleman and Ed Amrhein worked on the restoration of a antique traffic light. The traffic light was donated to the museum by Chris McNally and will be on display in the Visitor’s Center when restoration is complete.

     In preparation for a charter later that night, Ed Amrhein and I thawed out the switches in the yard and 28th street loop.

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff and Drew Paren as crew for a late night charter.

     During the charter 264’s main traction fuse opened. This problem would reappear later next week, but no fault was found at the time.

Sunday (1/11)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Don Homberg, Dennis Falter and Drew Paren.

Saturday (1/17)

     This was the day that we again tried to find out why 264 was slow to accelerate sometimes and not others. I brought down the DC clamp on amperage meter and a compass to check the motors.264. In the process of doing test runs in the yard, I noticed a small amount of smoke come from one of the wires going to one of the motors. Close examination revealed not only what caused the smoke, but what caused the intermittent acceleration and what would blow the fuse. The insulation tape on one of the motor leads had worn through just enough to sometimes short to the motor, and sometimes not. When it shorted it shorted part of the motor, which then acted as a brake. If the operator tried to accelerate too fast, he would blow the fuse. The wire was reinsulated and routed to prevent the short. Helping me were Ed Amrhein, Dan McCaffery and Paul Ritterhoff.

     Sam and Bill were on soda can patrol and collected and prepared the cans for recycling.

     Dan McCaffery, Ed Amrhein and I removed 7407’s MG so that I could put in the replacement brushes

     Chris McNally and Buster Hughes continued work on the traffic light..

Sunday (1/18)

     David Baynes was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence, Mike Citro and Dan McCaffery as crew.

Saturday (1/24)

     Instead of everyone meeting at the Museum, we all turned up in the sparrows point area to move the Trackless trolley to a new home. Its current location was no longer available since the owner had sold the building and we had to move the car or lose it. We had to jack it up, carefully back the trailer under it, and jack it down on the trailer. Then we had to put a tarp over it (it was still snowing/raining outside) and then transport it to its new site. A partial list of the crew were Sam, Bill, Ed Amrhein, Buster Hughes, Chris McNally, Josh Lepman, Mark Dawson, John Engleman

Sunday (1/25)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Dan McCaffery, John Engleman, Carl Thistel and Dennis Falter were crew.

Saturday (1/31)

     Mother nature provide the work assignment for us today, clearing snow. Ed Amrhein ran the tractor with did the majority of the work with Dan McCaffery, Chris Howell, Chris McNally, Sam, Bill and I doing the fine detail work with shovels and brooms.

Sunday (2/1)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter and Dan McCaffery as crew.

Sunday (2/8)

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel, Dave Wilson and Don Homberg as crew.

Saturday (2/14)

     It was beginning to get a little dim in the Visitor’s Center auditorium so En Amrhein, Dan McCaffery and I replaced numerous light bulbs using the portable lift.

     Sam and Bill work on the can recycling.

Sunday (2/15)

     Dave Naujokas was Dispatcher with Bernie Sachs, Dan Lawrence, Joyce Boblitz, John O’Neil and Dan McCaffery as crew.

Friday (2/20)

     After a long absence, the second of the museums substations returned. It was on loan to a local company and they sent it back, along with some electrical equipment that they no longer needed, Ed Amrhein helped me move the tractor out of the way and get the unit inside.

Saturday (2/21)

     Work concentrated at 22nd Street shops to find a permanent storage location for the substation. It took lots of moving of lots of things, but by the end of the day it was in its new home. The moving crew consisted of Rick Obbink, CJ, Joyce Boblitz, Scott and I.

Sunday (2/23)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

Sunday (2/29)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mike Citro, Joyce Boblitz, Sharon Higgins and Bernie Sachs as crew.

Saturday (3/6)

     It was clean-up day at the museum with Buster Hughes, Dave Wilson, Ed Amrhein, John Engleman and Ben Bates at work.

Sunday (3/7)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with Dan McCaffery, John Engleman, Joyce Boblitz and Mark Dawson as crew.

Saturday (3/13)

     Work continued on getting the PCC brake shoes replaced. While an elegant design, a very difficult brake shoe to replace once it has been on the car for a while. Ed Amrhein, Dan McCaffery and John Engleman replace one shoe and got the other ready to remove.

     Mark Hurley was Dispatcher with Joe Naujokas, Dave Naujokas, Jerry Kelly and Dennis Falter as crew for a charter.

Sunday (3/14)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mel Boteler, Dave Naujokas and Carl Thistel as crew

Saturday (3/20)

     Work continued on the roof for 4 track with Josh Lepman, Dan McCaffery and Ed Amrhein getting more support prepared for later installation.

     Work on the traffic signal is almost complete with Buster Hughes, Carl Merson and Chris McNally hard at work.

     Ed Amrhein and Dan McCaffery prepared a chain to block vehicle traffic from driving from the street to track four in front of the car house.

     Dave Naujokas, was Dispatcher with Joe Naujokas as crew for a birthday charter.

Sunday (3/21)

     David Baynes was Dispatcher with Carl Thistle, Dan Lawrence and Dan McCaffery as crew.

     Buster Hughes continued working on the access chain.

Wednesday (3/24)

     Ben Bates the elder was Dispatcher with Mike Citro and Charlie Plantholt as crew for a charter.

Saturday (3/27)

     I cleaned, lubricated and adjusted the air pump used to keep our sprinkler system working.

     Ed Amrhein switched over HVAC from winter to summer in the Visitor's Center.

     Dave Wilson worked on paint removal from the window on the roof of 417.

     Buster Hughes replaced a missing door stop on 6119.

     The afternoon was a surprise party for Chris McNally with the grand unveiling ot the restored traffic signal. The signal is hanging in the auditorium in from of the streetcar Theater. Now all we need is a street painted on the floor the finish the scene.

Sunday (3/28)

     John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff, Dennis Falter and Jim Robertson as crew.

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