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John LaCosta

Track Updates for March 4, 2001

John LaCosta    Friday (3/2)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher for a charter with Carl Merson as crew.

     Saturday (3/3)

Track Crew     The track crew was out again (Ed Amrhein, Josh Lepman, Chris Howell, David Crow, Mark Hurley, Bill, Dennis Yeager and Ben Bates working on the second track. The crew removed additional ties and inserted 50 new ties.

     David Crow also did brush clearing around some of the line poles near 25th street.

     Sunday (3/4)

     David Baynes was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach, Carl Thistel and myself as crew on a very damp winter Sunday.

     Rick Obbink and Gary were busy in the shop working on parts for 4533 while Buster was at work on 4533 in the car house.

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