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Track Updates for February 27, 2000

John LaCosta    S aturday (2/12)

     Ed Amrhein and I checked out the traction motor on 3550 to verify that its field coils were wired properly. After testing both motors were placed in service and 3550 was back to being a two motor car.

     Sunday (2/13)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes, David Navjokas, Chris Howell and Rick Williams as crew.

     Saturday (2/19)

     Saturday was a special opening with members of the BSM and other streetcar museums invited to enjoy the day at the museum. We had visitors from a number of museums in Pennsylvania and as far away as Maine.

Crane Headlights Paul Ritterhoff displayed the headlight for the crane that he built from scratch to match the original one so that both ends of the crane would have a headlight. Can you tell which is which?

     I spent the early part of the day doing cleaning and adjustments to the controllers on 1050, 417, 1164 and 264.

     Sunday (2/20)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Bernie Sachs, Justin Thillman, M Bates, Chris Howell and Jim Robertson as crew.

     Saturday (2/26)

     Chris Howell stared to clean up trash along the line from the substation to the south end of the freight shed.

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Chris Howell as crew for a charter.

     Sunday (2/27)

     Chris Howell continued his clean up alone the line at 28th street.

     I was Dispatcher with Sharon Higgins, Bob Cohen, Chris Howell and David Navjokas as crew. This was David's last day as a student Motorman and was qualified as a motorman during his set of runs.

     En Amrhein adjusted the Visitor's Center sliding gates and Justin Thillman cleaned and lubricated the yard switches.

     Rick Obbink continued to work at the shop getting the shaper ready to work on 1164's journal boxes.

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