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John LaCosta

Track Updates for February 25, 2002

John LaCosta    S aturday (2/2)

     I spent the morning replacing a drive unit for the oil fuel pump in the Visitor's Center.

     Mark Dawson finished printing the next live wire.

Sunday (2/3)

     Dab Lawrence was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter and Eric Smith as crew.

Saturday (2/9)

     Ed Amrhein and Chris Howell replaced a bad motor on the Visitor's Center heating system.

     Rick Obbink started repair of scaffolding in preparation of car roof work to be done this spring.

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher for a charter with Eric Smith and Chris McNally as crew.

Sunday (2/10)

     David Baynes was Dispatcher with Eric Smith, Bob Alpen, Drew Paren and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

Saturday (2/16)

Interior     The morning started on 4533 working on the brake control stands to make them a little easier to work. Each brake stand was disassembled, lubricated, reassembled and tested. Once both brake stands were reworked, we adjusted the brake piston travel to the nominal value. The crew consisted of Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell, Dennis Yeager and myself.

     Rick Obbink was at work at the 22nd street shops.

     After lunch Dennis Yeager and I lubricated the trolley wheels on 6119 and 1050.

     Meanwhile a group went to look at a bus that was acquired by the museum to determine what would be needed to move it to Baltimore.

Sunday (2/17)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Drew Paren, Bob Alpern, John Diefenbach, mike citro and Eric Smith as crew.

Saturday (2/23)John and Ed

     Ed Amrhein and I spent a good part of the morning working on the Visitor's Center heating system. I always forget how dirty the top of the heaing units get, but you quickly find out when you have to lay on the top of the unit to service the unit.

     After the heating unit was fixed, Ed and I spent the rest of the morning working on the future track 4 location trying to remove some large rocks, good thing we have the tractor.

     Rick Obbink and crew continued work in 22nd street shop.

Sunday (2/24)Buster

     I was Dispatcher for the first part of the day and Ed Amrhein took over for the last part of the day with a large crew that included Drew Paren, Eric Smith, Bernie Sachs, Don Homberg, Chris McNalley, David Navjokas and Bob Alpern as crew.

     Buster Hughes was working on 4533 installing the permanent wooden steps.

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