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Track Updates for February 11, 2001

John LaCosta    Wednesday (2/7)

     Ben Bates (the elder) was Dispatcher for a daytime charter.

     Saturday (2/10)

     The track crew was out again (Ed Amrhein, Josh Lepman, Carl Merson and Ben Bates) working on the second track. The replaced 20 ties on the future second track and spiked about 100 ties on one side. The other side will be done at a later time.

     Chris Howell and Chris continued training.

Mark Hurley     Mark Hurley and I spent the morning under 1050 doing anannual inspection. No major problems found. Car 264 was next for the pit and Mark and I completed that inspection, including jacking the car up and greasing the slides that allow the truck to pilot as it travel through curves.

     Rick Obbink and Gary continued working on the castings for4533's drop down steps.

     Sunday (2/11)

     John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter and Jim Robertson as crew on a very busy winter Sunday.

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