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John LaCosta

Track Update for January 2003

John LaCosta    S aturday (1/4)

     The track crew was out working on the second track behind the 22nd street shops. The crew included Josh Lepman, Mark Dawson, Dan McCaffery, Jim Robertson and Joe.

     Work continued on getting four track next to the car house ready with Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell, Chris McNally and John Engleman setting used concrete ties along the side of the fence poles.

     Paul Ritterhoff brought in the first copy of the ceiling lights needed for the El Passo PCC. As always, Paul's copy looked great and the shop is deciding how best to mass produce the parts.

     Working in the shop were Rick Williams, Joyce Boblitz and Garry Fairbanks. Track Gang BSM

Sunday (1/5)

     Mark Hurley was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson, Carl Thistel, Drew Paren and Eric Smith as crew.

Wednesday (1/8)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Maury Bates, Mike Citro and Charlie Plantholt as crew for a charter.

Saturday (1/11)

     The morning was spent un-decorating the museum. A large crew was on hand and the museum was back to normal by lunch time. Thanks to Rick Williams, Carl Merson, Chris Howell, Chris McNally, Dan Lawrence, Carl Merson, Sam and family, John Engleman, Ed Amrhein, Richard Urciolo and John La Costa.

     I did forget to mention some people who helped with the Tinsel Trolley last month. Santa's were David Baynes and Chris McNally, Rick Williams was in charge of the overall event. Cashiers included Cath La Costa, Michel Lawrence, Lynn Yeager, Pat, Patti Crow and Jerri Thistel.

     There were two charters in the afternoon so after lunch we started to get the cars out. While Ed and I were repairing the conductor's bell cord on 264, a long 5/16 round piece of leather, Chris McNally asked us to look at car 1050.

     As we walked up it looked just fine, but from the other side we could see why Chris had called us. The leading wheel had dropped of the rail. Carl, Ed Chris and I rerailed the car and after a short discussion, Chris Howell went up to the 22nd Street shops and brought back the back hoe. Dennis Yeager and Rick Obbink came down and the track work repair was started. The immediate fix was to dig away the dirt from the rails in three locations and install gauge rods to hold the rail. Next week new ties will be installed in the second of two track were 1050 had the problem.

     Rick Obbink, Dennis Yeager and Joyce Boblitz continued to wo9rk at 22nd Street shops.

     If this was not already enough to do, Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Chris McNally and Ed Amrhein as crew for a charter.

Sunday (1/12)

     Dan Lawrence wad Dispatcher with Greg Thompson, Eric Smith and David Naujokas as crew.

Saturday (1/18)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Chris McNally as crew for a charter.

Sunday (1/19)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Eric Smith, Ray Cannon, Sharon Higgins, Don Homberg and Mel Boteler as crew.

Sunday (1/26)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence, John O'Neil and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.

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