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John LaCosta

Track Updates for February 4, 2001

John LaCosta    Saturday (2/3)

     It was pretty quite at the museum with only Gary at the shopworking. A large group the BSM museum workers were up at the Winter Trolley Fest. This year it was hosted by the Rockhill Trolley Museum, located next to the East Broad Top Railway. Besides being a good way to see other collections, it is a good way to find out how other people handle the challenge of running a trolley museum.

Visiting     At various times during the day the visitors got not only to help, but actually run the equipment, under supervision. It was agood way for everyone to have fun and learn more about how to preserve and present these collections to the public. Many thanks to the Rockhill Trolley Museum for their kindness to us visitors.

     Sunday (2/4)

     Rick Williams was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff, Berni Sachs, Carl Thistel and Dan Lawrence as crew.

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