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Track Updates for January 28, 2001

John LaCosta    Saturday (1/27)

     The track department (Ed Amrhein, Josh Lepman, Rick Obbink,Chris Howell, Justin Thillman, Gene Carson, Chris and I) finished the main line tie replacement project with the spiking of the last 11 ties on the main line. Again the back hoe was used, this time to distribute the ballast to replace the dirt that had been removed to get the old ties out. The dirt was the silt washed down from above over many years. The spiking and tamping made use of a loaned air compressor, shortening the task considerably over what it would have taken otherwise. The track crew is now looking at the second track as the next project.

     At the same time Buster Hughes was busy in the Car Houseworking on a seat back for car 4533. Ed and Chris repaired the broken trolleywheel on the PCC and cleaned it's air compressor commutator.

     Sunday (1/28)

     David Baynes was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence and David Crow as crew.

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