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Track Updates for January 23, 2000

John LaCosta    W ednesday (1/12/00)

     Ben Bates the elder was Dispatcher with Maury Bates, Charlie Plantholt, John Diefenbach and Harry Gesser for a daytime tour.

     Wednesday (1/19/00)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher and Harry Gesser and Charlie Plantholt for a daytime tour.

     Saturday (1/22/00)

     Ed Amrhein and Dennis Yeager cleaned up the snow around the Visitor's Center.

     Buster and I continued to work on 264 to get it ready for revenue service. I finished sealing the remaining holes in the roof around where the hood switch wires come through the roof canvas. I also prepaed the last pieces of molding and Buster Huges primed and painted them.

     Sunday (1/23/00)

     Ed Amrhein, Buster Hughes, Chris Howell and I finished clearing the snow from the yard area and went out the line to clean out 28th street. We were delayed slightly while an automobile that had skidded off the side of the road was removed from out right of way. The automobile had hit a tree (the tree won) spun around and hit one of our line poles (the line pole won) and ended with its bumper fouling the main line.

     John O"Neil was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Jim Roberston, Andy Blumberg, David Navjokas, and Justin Thillman as crew.

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