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Track Updates for December 17, 2000

John LaCosta    S unday (12/24)

     The Museum was closed.

     Sunday (12/31)

     Ray Cannon was Dispatcher with Ben Bates, Justin Tillman and David Baynes as crew.

     Sunday (1/7)

     Carl Merson Was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Tom Phillips,Mike Citro and Sharon Higgins as crew.

     Saturday (1/13)

     Two crews were at work, one on the track and one on theVisitor's Center.

     Rick Williams, Dan Lawrence, Dennis Yeager, Mark Hurley, Cath La Costa and I took on the task of taking all of the Christmas decorations down and getting them stored away. This was an all day project given the amount of decorations that are used in the building.

Track Crew at work     Meanwhile the track crew was busy behind the 22nd. Street shop. Rick Obbink, Ed Amrhein, Justin Thillman, Carl Merson (I'm sure I missed someone) replaced 16 ties. This leaves only 11 ties to be replaced. The addition of a back hoe has made the tie replacement a lot less labor intensive than it used to be. The track crew hopes to be out next Saturday/Sunday to finish the job.

     Sunday (1/14)

     David Crow was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel, David Navjokas, Fred Schneider and Greg Thompson as crew.

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