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John LaCosta

Track Update for December 2002

John LaCosta    S unday (12/1)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Sharon Higgins and Bernie Sachs as crew.

Saturday (12/7)

     This was the first day of the Tinsel Trolley. Santa was in his workshop (22nd Steet Shops) and boarded each outbound car with a bag of presents for the children. There was free punch and cookies for the visitor's.

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Dan Lawrence, Carl Merson and Mark Dawson as crew.

Sunday (12/8)

Santa on Tinsel Trolley     The weather was not nice for the second Tinsel Trolley, but many visitors came out to see Santa.

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Carl Merson, David Navjokas, Mark Dawson and John Diefenbach as crew.

Saturday (12/14)

     The weather was better than last Sunday and the attendance was better than either day the previous week.

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Carl Merson, Don Homberg, Andy Blumberg, John O'Neil and Carl Thistel as crew.

Sunday (12/15)

     The weather for the last day of Tinsel Trolley was good and we had a very good turnout. The four day event was a success. This is a popular event with many repeat visitors from year to year.

     I was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach, Dan Lawrence, Ben Bates, Eric Smith, Don Homberg and Chris McNally as crew.

Saturday (12/21)

     The first task of the day was to put the proper rope on the flag pole. With the new rope installed we flew the flag for the better part of the day. The flag pole crew included Ed Amrhein, Joe, Jim Robertson and John La Costa.

Concrete Ties     The major task for the day was to install used concrete ties on the bank side of four track. The ties are to heavy to move by hand so the back hoe was used to transport and place the ties. The crew included Ed Amrhein, Chris Howell, Chris McNally, Joe, Rick Obbink and John La Costa.

Sunday (12/22)

     Chris Howell was Dispatcher with Chris McNally, Dennis Falter and Mark Dawson as crew.

Sunday (12/29)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Andy Blumberg, John Diefenbach and Jimmy Genthner as crew.

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