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Track Updates for June 14, 1998

John LaCosta    S aturday was the busiest day of this year so far. We had two charters in the morning and regular revenue service in the afternoon. There were 11 people from transportation, two who split the dispatcher duty, three who also were instructors and 2 who also were shopmen.

     The morning started well with the MA & PA group retracing the path of the railroad. Since the museum tracks are located along the old right of way, they all loaded onto the open car and we went out the line. Harry Gesser was motorman and I was the conductor. As we went out the line they viewed the right of way and structures that still survive to this day.

     The next group was from the NRHS, Lancaster I think, and with so many operating personnel around the Dispatcher of the morning, Jerry Kelly, let me go after my trip with the MA & PA group and off into shop clothes I went. While the other charter visited the museum in the morning, I went to work trying to cut some of the trees away from the future second track. I think its been about 5 or 6 years since I last cut the trees back and these trees grow fast.

     By lunch time Rick Obbink and Ed Amrhein had joined me and we cleared about two hundred feet of track, only 1300 more to go. We have to get the trees out so that we can put up the trolley wire over the second track, and the trees had grown so much there was no way to get the line car down the track.

     After lunch Ben Bates took over as dispatcher and the shop crew returned to the PCC. Rick and I finished replacing the oil in the journels while Ed repaired three broken ground wires. The three of us then adjusted the rear truck's brake beam and adjusted the piston travel on all the trucks. If the piston travel gets too long, the piston hits the end of the cylinder and the brake force deceased drastically. If this happens the car takes more time, and distance, to stop. Next Saturday we hope to finish greasing the trucks, checking the air compressor and checking the brakes when running.

     Sunday the Dispatcher was Jerry Kelly and it was a smaller number of visitors than normal. Everything worked fine and Rick got to work on 1164's truck frame.


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