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Track Updates for January 16, 2000

John LaCosta    Wednesday (12/22)

     Ben Bates, the elder was Dispatcher for a daytime tour.

     Sunday (12/26/99)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Mel Boteler and Tom Phillips as crew.

     Saturday (1/1/00)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher and Chris Howell was crew for a charter.

     Sunday (1/2)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with David Baynes, John Diefenbach, Chris Howell and Justin Thillman as crew. It was a light turnout as far as visitors was concerned.

     Saturday (1/8)

     This was the Christmas un-decoration of the museum. With the exception of the outside lights above the Visitor's Canter, the crew restored the Museum to its normal state. I am sure I missed some of the people who helped, but here is the list I have: Rick Williams, Nathan, Mark Hurley, Dan Lawrence, Carl Merson, Rev. Ed Schell, Cath La Costa and I helped in this task

     Ed Amrhein painted one hood and one hip roof on 264.

     Sunday (1/9)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Chris Howell, Bob Cohen, Dennis Falter, Maurice Bates, Justin Thillman and David Navjokas as crew. The number of visitors was very large considering it is January.

     I came in late that afternoon and painted the other hood and hip roof of 264.

     Wednesday (1/12)

     Given the warmer weather, I took off from work and completed painting the clearstory roof of 264 with the final coat of paint.

     Saturday (1/15)

     Ed repaired the roof where the wind blew down the pole that supported the Christmas lights.

     Paul, Dennis and I installed an additional resistor in the light circuit for 7407 to allow the use of a new style headlight lamp.

     Buster and Mark Dawson continued to work on 4533(3550).

     Sunday (1/16)

     I was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter, Paul Ritterhoff, Justin Thillman and David Navjokas as crew. It was a very busy days with the cars full of visitors well into the afternoon. A great day for Justin as student motorman and David as student Conductor to get experience with Paul and Dennis helping them along.

     Rick Obbink worked at the shop.

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