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Track Updates for Novemeber 28, 1999

John LaCosta    S orry for the delay, but I have been out of town for a large portion of the month.

     Saturday (11/6)

     Cath La Costa and Carl Merson held the next training class.

     Ed Amrhein and I continued to work on 6119's air brake system. I rebuilt the Air Brake valve and with Ed's help tracked down an assemble error. Once this error was corrected the air brakes were working and the car was placed back in service.

     Gary continued working at the 22nd Street shop on the repair to the large lathe.

     Rick Williams and Dan Williams worked in the Visitor's center preparing for the Christmas special opening.

Hood Ed, Paul Ritterhoff, Ben Bates and I then mounted 264's second hood after installing the metal trim work around the edge of the hood and installing the copper protectors at the corners of the clearstory roof.

     There is no more Saturday operation until next spring, except for the special Christmas openings.

     Sunday (11/7)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach, Jim Robertson and Bernie Sachs as crew.

     Saturday (11/8)

     Ed continued to work on car 264 while Rick Williams, Dan Lawrence and Mark continued preparing for the special openings in December.

     Sunday (11/14)

     I was Dispatcher with David Baynes and Bernie Sachs as crew. Wednesday (11/17)
C. Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Harry Gesser, Jim Robertson and Warren Olt as crew for a special charter.

     Saturday (11/20)

     The major project of the next two weeks as to install a paved walkway from Falls road to the Visitor's Center to allow handicap access to the museum. In order to allow access to both the Car House and Visitor's Center the walkway starts at Falls road just in front of the Car House, goes across all three tracks and ten turns parallel to the back and runs up to the Visitor's Center sidewalk. This walkway will also allow the forklift and shop cranes to have easy access to the Car House.

     The first step was to replace the ties under the first 10 feet of each track just in front of the Car House. Given the years of rains and the floods, it took machines to dig out the area. After that was done Ed Amrhein, Carl Merson, Mark Dawson and Dennis Yeager replaced the first five ties on each track in front of the Car House.

     Saturday (11/20)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff as crew for an evening charter.

     Sunday (11/21)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Mike Citro, Dennis Falter and Carl Thistel as crew.

     Friday (11/26)

     Ed Amrhein, Carl Merson and Mark Dawson tamped the ballast under all three tracks in front of the Car House. The area was ready for the walkway.

     Sunday (11/28)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson and David Baynes as crew.


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