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Track Updates for September 12, 1999

John LaCosta    I have included 4 days that I missed in previous reports:

     Wednesday (5/26)

     C. Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Harry Gesser, John Diefenbach and Dick Hutzler as crew for a charter.

     Wednesday (6/2)

     Harry Gesser was Dispatcher with C. Ben Bates, John Diefenbach and Charlie Plantholt as crew for two charter groups.

     Wednesday (6/23)

     C. Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Tom Phillips, Harry Gesser and James Robertson as crew for a charter.

     Wednesday (7/21)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Harry Gesser, Tom Phillips and Charlie Plantholt as crew for a charter group.

     A television crew was also filming for a series of advertisements that will be aired in August.

     Saturday (9/4)

The Steamer Dave Crow, Ed and I steamed the wood trim for car 264 and applied it around the clearstory roof. The tight radius required to bend the wood can only be accomplished when the wood is wet. One method is to soak the wood in water for about a week and the other is to steam it for about one hour.

     The steamer was constructed using 4" pipe and the heater element used in a hot water heater. With about 2 gallons of water in the steamer, it generated a constant supply of steam, which filled the 10-foot pipe containing the molding. After the molding was installed the excess canvas was trimmed and a coat of linseed oil applied to the molding.

     Gene Carson, Buster Hughes and Mark Dawson continued to strip paint from car 3550.

     Dave Crow was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter and Carl Thistel as crew.

     Sunday (9/5)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel and Chris Howell as crew.

     Wednesday (9/8)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson, John Diefenbach and Chris Howell as crew for a charter group.

     Saturday (9/11)

     Thursday's storm dropped a tree across the overhead line near the Glen Edwards car stop, blocking the line. Ed Amrhein, Gene Carson, Chris Howell, Mark Dawson and I removed the tree and got the lin open in time for the first scheduled revenue trip.

     Buster Huges, Mark and Gene continued stripping paint from 3550.

     Paul Ritterhoff, Ed and I moved 6119 on the pit and replaced the broken brake shoe with a new one that was cast from the pattern that Paul had built.

     Rick Williams, Dan Lawernce, Chris, Ray and Greg replaced the gift shop shelving on the north wall with a new style.

     Ray Cannon was Dispatcher with Chris and Greg Thompson as crew.

     Sunday (9/12)

     Buster and Gene continued to work on stripping paint from 3550.

     I was Dispatcher with Ray Cannon as crew and Nathan as cashier.

     There was an Evening charter for two bus groups with Carl Merson as Dispatcher and Andy Blumberg and Ray Cannon as crew with Justin helping in the Dispatcher Office.


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