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Track Updates for July 11, 1999

John LaCosta    W ednesday (6/30)

     Dennis Yeager was Dispatcher for a night tour with John Diefenbach, Catherine La Costa and Mark Hurley as crew.

     Saturday (7/3)

     Ed Amhrein, Ben Bates, Justin Thilman and Andy Blumberg spent the morning and early afternoon at the Towson 4th of July (yes I know it's the 3rd) with the horse car and the line truck. With the exception of one minor problem, the parade went off without a hitch.

Car 1164 After Restoration Back at the museum Carl Merson was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Sharron Higgins, Bernie Sachs, Dennis Falter and Greg Thompson as crew. Given the extreme heat, the number of visitors was small.

     That afternoon I finished the final maintenance task on 1164 with the help of Justin Thilman. The car was placed in service and 1164 carried it's first passengers in over two years.

     Sunday (7/4)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson as crew.

     Saturday (7/10)

     Mark Hurley was Dispatcher with Dennis Falter and John Diefenbach as crew.

     Sunday (7/11)

     Dan Lawrence was Dispatcher with Rick Williams, Denis Falter and Andy Blumberg as crew.


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