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Track Updates for May 2, 1999

John LaCosta    T uesday (4/27)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach and Buster Hughes as crew for a evening charter

     Wednesday (4/28)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Charlie Plantholt, John Diefenbach and Jim Robertson as crew for a daytime charter.

     Friday (4//30)

Theatre     The museum moved an audio visual presentation theater to the visitor's center. The theater was originally built for the Baltimore Life Museum and is in the form of a streetcar. This required a large number of museum members to dismantling, carry down from the second floor to a truck and reassemble at the Museum. This addition will allow visitors to view the pictures in the auditorium while other visitors are viewing the audiovisual presentation at the same time.

     Saturday (5/1)

Theatre     Rick Williams and Dan Lawrence continued to prepare the new Trolley Theater for operation.

     Rick Obbink, Ed Amrhein and Gary continued preparing 1164's truck for installation. The plan is to reassemble the truck, less motor, put it under 1164. 1164 will then be towed off of two track and 3828 will be put in it's place. 3828 will be jacked up, it's one truck removed and placed under 1164. 1164's truck without a motor will return to the shop to allow the remainder of the rebuild to be completed while 1164 runs with the truck from 3828. We sort of are doing what the Transit Company used to do every spring, swap the trucks under the summer cars.

     Sunday (5/2)

     Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher with Berni Sachs, John Diefenbach and Paul Ritterhoff as crew.


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