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Track Updates for April 25, 1999

John LaCosta    S orry for the delay of a couple weeks, but I have been very busy at work.

     Saturday (4/10)

     Dave Crow and I went out the line and trimmed some of the trees back from the line between 25th and 22nd street.

     During the week Rick Obbink disassembled a PCC truck we had saved for spare parts in order to get a torque arm to replace the broken one on the PCC.

     Ed Amrhein and Greg Thompson disassembled the broken arm from 7407's front truck. Once the bar was removed, the replacement one was installed an after a lot of adjustment the car was placed back in service.

     Installing a torque bar requires forcing the axles toward each other until the free end of the torque bar is aligned with the rubber shock absorber disks. To push them together requires blocking the wheels from moving and wedging them toward each other using another block and/of change fall.

    Click Here For Pictures Of The Process

     Greg and I inspected and lubricated 6119's controller, reverser and PCM unit.

     Sunday (4/11)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Carl Thistel and Buster Hughes as crew.

     Saturday (4/17)
Carl Merson cut the grass around the Visitor's Center.

     Greg, Dennis Yeager and ED finished the adjustment on 3550's folding step..

     Greg, Mark Dawson and Ed then jacked up the sagging platform on 3550, shimmed the knees and tighened the bolts. 3550 now has two level platforms.

     Carl Merson was dispatcher with BM Bates and Buster Hughes as crew for an evening charter.

     Sunday (4/18)

     Rick Williams was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel and Dan Lawrence as crew.

     Tuesday (4/20)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel, John Diefenbach and Paul Ritterhoff as crew for a evening charter

     Wednesday (4/21)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Charlie Plantholt as crew for a daytime charter.

     Saturday (4/24)

     Ed continued to work on the crane to prepare it for a replacement metal skin where it had rusted out.

     Ed and I then measured 3550 to determine the actual air tank length that we have to have made to replace the original tanks.

     Ed, Rick and I then removed an additional 60 cinderblock from the wall between one and two track, next to the pit. This made the access opening between the tracks larger and easier to negotiate. We hope to have the entire wall removed within the next month.

     I then drew up a drawing for the replacement axle bearing caps that we will need in order to install the motor into 1164's truck.

     Sunday (4/25)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Mel Boteler, Fred Scheider, Mike Citro and Kevin Mueller as crew.


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