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Track Updates for March 7, 1999

John LaCosta    S unday (2/28)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Andy Blumberg and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Rich Obbink, Ed Amrhein and a friend of Rick's installed the railing on the stairs nest to the pit on one track. They also extended the top landing the length about 4 feet.

     Saturday (3/6)

     3550 needed to go on the pit on one track for work on the air system and one traction motor. For anyone who has seen the cars in our car house, they know there is little extra space available. The addition of the crane has restricted the combinations of cars that can be placed on the same track. Moving 3550 from two track to one track required moving 8 cars. It took the crew assembled, Ed Amrhein, David Crow, Rick Obbink and myself over 30 minutes to decide on what turned out to be the only combination of cars that would allow 3550 to end up on one track.

     Two things prevented this shuffle of cars from going smoothly. The first was is started to rain. Not that rain is rally a problem except for Rick who was standing at the switches to throw them as the cars moved in and out and for me when I was running 3550, it has no roof over the platform on one end.

     The second problem was of a bigger concern. With six of the eight cars outside, the PCC was coming up two track when it seemed to slow down. A quick inspection revealed that one of the electric track brakes had dropped a piece of metal on the track and was acting as a brake on the wheel. It took a little bit of work to clear the jam enough to be able to move the car, but it could not be run in regular service that way.

     Meanwhile Rick Williams and Dan Lawrence were constructing an new set of shelves in the Dispatcher's office.

     During the afternoon the Dennis Yeager and Gary joined us at the shop and we started to measure the truck springs that would be needed for the crane. They also continued to work on 1164' truck.

     Sunday (3/7)

     I was Dispatcher with David Crow, Jim Robertson and Carl Thistel as crew. Given the cold and windy day, we had a nice number of visitors, including two separate visitors from Holland.

     In the early afternoon there was a large enough break in the action so we could send 7407 up to the 22nd Street shop where Rick Obbink finished removing the damaged track brake and adjusted the track brake hanger. This allowed 7407 back in revenue service for the rest of the day.


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