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Track Updates for February 28, 1999

John LaCosta    W ednesday (2/10)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Dick Hutzler, Charlie Plantholt, John Diefenbach and Harry Gesser as crew for series of tour groups.

     Wednesday (2/17)

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Dick Hutzler, Charlie Plantholt and John Diefenbach as crew for a tour group.

     Saturday (2/20)

     David Crow and Ed Armhein removed PCC parts from a "parts" PCC.

     Justin Thillman and Mark Hurley painted a strip inside the Visitor's center.

     Rick Obbink and Gary worked on 1164's side bearing spring pins.

     Sunday (2/21)

     Carl Merson was Dispatcher with David Crow, Tom Phillips, Sharon Higgins and Fred Schneider as crew. Not sure where the visitors were, but they were not at the museum, it was a slow day for the crew.

     Sunday (2/28)

     Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with David Baynes, Andy Blumberg and Dennis Falter as crew.

     Rich Obbink, Ed Amrhein and a friend of Rick's


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