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Track Updates for February 14, 1999

John LaCosta    S aturday (2/13)

     Ed Amrhein , Greg Thompson and I moved the stairway at the end of the pit to the side of the pit. With the recent addition of the crane, space on the track with the pit had become very tight. After much discussion it was decided to move the stairs to the loft from the end of the pit to the side. This move would increase the track length by about 3 feet, enough to move 3550 on to one track for work on the air system and traction motor.

     After the metal stairs were moved we started to remove the partial wall between the pit and two track. This wall became a problem when the museum acquired the fork lifts and electric cranes, since it made the clear space next to each track too narrow to use these support vehicles. The wall was cut just past the moved stairs and an access opening was cut in the wall. Within the next month the remainder of the wall will be removed, allowing better access to the car on the pit and the end of two track.

     Gary, Rick Obbink and Dennis Yeager continued working on machining replacement parts for 1164's truck.

     Sunday (2/14)
John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Bernie Sachs, Carl Thistel and John Diefenbach as crew. I think all the people who did not come for the last two Sundays decided to come today.


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