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Track Updates for February 7, 1999

John LaCosta    S aturday (2/6)
Greg Thompson and I started to do the monthly lubrication of the controllers on the two man cars.

     Gary, Rick Obbink and Dennis Yeager completed machining the replacement wear plates for 1164's truck.

     Ed Amrhein installed a working farebox in the Visitor's Center near the front door.

     Rick Williams, Dan Lawrence and Mark Hurley continued working on displays in the auditorium.

     Sunday (2/7)
Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes and John Diefenbach as crew. We had about the same number of visitors this Sunday as last. It was a light rain throughout the day.

     Rick and Gary started to re-machine the support posts for 1164's wear plates. Two of the posts were so worn that they have started machining new ones.

     I continued to lubricate and adjust controllers.


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