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Track Updates for January 31, 1999

John LaCosta    S aturday (1/30)

     David Crow, Ed Amrhein and I finished the repair to the overhead wire caused by the fallen tree last week. Two of the line poles that hold up the wire had been pulled in toward the track about a foot at the trolley wire height.

     The good news was that the ground was wet and soft, so the line poles absorbed some of the shock when the tree hit the wire, helping to keep the overhead from breaking under the impact. As we pulled the pole back to its normal position, we took turns tamping the dirt around the base of the pole.

     The bad news was that the ground is still wet an it takes a lot more effort to tamp wet dirt. If you have ever put in a fence post and tamped the dirt around it to hold it up, a telephone size pole is a lot more work.

     While we were in the area we continued to trim the trees back from the track at 25th street.

     Dan Lawrence and Rick Williams removed the remaining Christmas decorations from the Visitor's Center.

     After lunch David replaced a cover on 264's motor and Ed and I investigated a report of noise from the roof of 7404. We will have to make replacement vibration isolators and install them under the trolley boards.

Sunday (1/31)

     Ray Cannon was Dispatcher with Carl Merson and David Baynes as crew. Even with it being Super Bowl Sunday, we still had a number of visitors.

     Rick and Gary continued working in the shop on 1164's wear plates.


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