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Track Updates for January 10, 1999

John LaCosta    S aturday (1/2)
Ed Amrhein was Dispatcher and David Crow for a Birthday Charter.

     Sunday (1/3)
Bob Kreuger was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel, Paul Ritterhoff and David Crow as crew.

     Saturday (1/9)
It was the day to undecorate the Visitor's Center. By 1PM the decorations were down, the tree taken down and the model trains taken away. The following people helped in the effort: Ed Amrhein, Mark Hurley, Dan Lawrence, Rick Williams, Cath La Costa, John La Costa, Carl Merson and Greg Thompson.

     After lunch Ed, Greg and Carl opened the line. This was more than a minor task, the snow and ice had to be removed from the yard and Visitor's Center Loop. While they got everything working, the coming cold front would require more work tomorrow.

     Sunday (1/10)
I started about 10:30AM thawing out the switched. Given the amount of water and temperature it took until Noon to get all the switched working. Paul Ritterholf and Ed Amrhein joined we part way through and finished the job after I left just before Noon.

     Rick Obbink was working in the shop and has started to machine the replacement wear plated for 1164's truck. During the afternoon one of 264's heaters failed. Ed and Rick removed the heater and took it to the shop for repair. Since there are two heater circuits 264 still has heat.

     It was a very light day with very few visitors. Carl Merson was Dispatcher with Mark Dawson and David Baynes as crew. Tom Phillips was also ready to help, but with the light turnout he got to go home early.


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