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Track Updates for December 20, 1998

John LaCosta    Wednesday (12/16)

     Warren Olt was Dispatcher with Charlie Plantholt, Ben Bates, Jim Robertson, Tom Phillips and John Diefenbach as crew for a number of tour groups.

     Saturday (12/19)

     Tinsel trolley continued with Carl Merson as Dispatcher and Mel Boteler, Ben Bates, Dan Lawrence, John O'Neil, Joe Schwaztz, Greg Thompson, and John Diefenbach as crew. Cath La Costa and Martha Bates were the cashiers, Rick Williams read stories and John Terwilliger playing the organ. Rick Obbink and Robert Doster were at the 22nd street shop. It was a very busy day with many visitors.

     Sunday (12/20)

     This was the last day for the tinsel trolley and it turned out to the busiest of the four. I was Dispatcher with Carl Thistel, David Baynes, Dan Lawrence, Andy Blumberg, Berni Sachs, Sharon Higgins and John Diefenbach as crew. Rick Williams and Michele Lawrence kept an eye on the refreshments and read stories, Sandy Thillman and Rosalie Falter were the cashiers, Justin Thillman gave car house tours, Mark Hurley and John Terwilliger played the organ. We also had the pleasure of the Kenwood Sr. High School band, directed by Pamala Mc Cracken playing during the afternoon and a Barber Shop group singing on the cars. Jessica Blumber and friends helped Santa on the cars with Robert Doster and Ed Amrhein at 22nd street shop. It was a fun day.

     I am sure I missed mentioning some people who have helped during the last two weeks, my sincere apologies. Thanks to all who have helped to make this another great event.

     Happy Holidays!


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