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John LaCosta

Track Updates for December 13, 1998

John LaCosta    S aturday (12/12)

     During the morning the Visitor's Center crew did the final set up for the Tinsel Trolley.

     Meanwhile the Line crew, Ed Amrhein, David Crow and I, went out to the Highway yard and installed the missing trolley cross arm. This pole holding this cross arm had been knocked down earlier this year. The diameter of the replacement pole was non-standard and it took us until last week to receive the final part needed to install the cross arm.

     By 2PM the Tinsel Trolley crew had arrived with Carl Merson as Dispatcher, David Crow, Dan Lawrence, Bob Cohen, Ben Bates, Andy Blumberg, Denis Falter and Jim Roberston as crew. Lynn Yeager was cashier, Rick Williams as building manager and story reader, and Justin Thillman and Greg Thompson out at 22nd Street with Santa. Mark Hurley played the organ and Michele Lawrence handled refreshments. I am sure I missed other people who were there.

     Sunday (12/13)

     Dan Lawrence was dispatcher for the second day of the Tinsel Trolley with Paul Ritterholf, Ray Canon, John Diefenbach and Bob Bond are crew. Mary Anne Amrhein and Michele Lawrence as Cashiers and Rick Obbink and David Baynes at 22nd Street shop with Santa.


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