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Track Updates for December 11, 1998

John LaCosta    S orry for the delay in updating you about the Museum, but I have been out of town for the last two weeks.

     Wednesday (11/18)

     Warren Olt was dispatcher for a tour with Charlie Plantholt and Ben Bates as crew.

     Saturday (11/21)

     The crew installed the outside lights on the "tree" over the Visitor's Center as well as replacing the burned out lights along the substation, loop and Yard area. Inside the Visitor's Center banners were installed and additional track lighting added. Not sure this is a complete list of those who helped, but here goes: Rick Williams, Mark Hurley, Dennis Yeager, Dan Lawrence, Ed Amrhein and Greg Thompson.

     Greg also passed the written test for operating the PCC.

     Sunday (11/22)

     Dan Lawrence was dispatcher with Rick Williams, Carl Thistel, Tom Phillips and Carl Merson as crew.

     Tuesday (11/24)

     Ed Amrhein, Justin Thillman, Charlie Thillman, Rick Williams and Dan Lawrence put up the tree in the Visitor" Center as well as the lighted garland.

     Friday (11/27)

     This was the decorate the tree party and pot luck dinner at the museum. I don't have a list of who was there (30 people I was told), but when all was said and done the tree in the Visitor's Center was covered with 4000 lights and who knows how many balls.

     Saturday (11/28)

     Rick Obbink and Dennis Yeager continued to work on the reassemble of 1164's truck frame.

     Sunday (11/29)

     Ed Amrhein was dispatcher with Dave Crow, David Baynes and Greg Thompson as crew.

     While the crew was helping demonstrate streetcars to the visitors, Margaret Hurley, Mark Hurley and Rick Williams continued to work on the tree and added a "Christmas Village".

     Wednesday (12/2)

     Ben Bates was dispatcher for a tour with John Diefenbach and Dick Hutzler as crew.

     During the evening Board meeting Margaret Hurley completed the "Christmas Village" under the tree and Ray Cannon completed the "G" scale trains.

     Saturday (12/5)

     Ed Amrhein and I installed additional lights in the library.

     Sunday (12/6)

     John O'Neil was dispatcher with Carl Thistle, Fred Schneider, Denis Falter and Berni Sachs as crew.

     This was also the day of the Hamden parade. The museum had both the line truck and the horse car in the parade. The parade crew included Ed Amrhein, Ben Bates and Andy Blumberg. Rick Obbink helped with getting the horse car ready for the parade and continued to clean the 22nd street shop area (He has done a great job of organizing all the clutter that has been accumulating over the last few years).

     I got done late in the afternoon and completed testing the 28th street contactor.


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