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Track Updates for November 11, 1998

John LaCosta    S

aturday (11/14) Work continued preparing the Visitor's Center for the December arrival of Santa. Ed Amrhein, Greg Thompson, Dave Crow, Rick Obbink and I installed the Christmas tree mast on top of the Visitor's Center. The mast is a 20 foot section of pipe with a pulley at the top. Lights will be attached to a rope and hung from the top of the mast to the bottom of the mast in the shape of a Christmas Tree.

     Dave Crow and I continued to work on the signal system, finishing the wiring into the 22nd street shops.

     Mark Hurley, Dan Lawrence and Rick Williams continued to work in the Visitor's Center during the afternoon replacing burned out lamps.

     Sunday (11/15) I was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes, David Baynes, Carl Thistel and Cath La Costa as crew. The day started of very busy with over 3/4 of the visitors arriving before 2PM. There were a number of foreign visitors including two from Germany. We also had a group who came down to celebrate a birthday.

     Rick Williams came down and installed the outside lights on the new Christmas tree mast.

     Rick Obbink continued to clean the north end of the 22nd street shop.

     As we ended the day Ray Cannon started to install trolley poles on the "G" scale display layout around the gift shop.

     The last two Sunday's have been very good in terms of the numbers of visitors.


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