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Track Updates for November 8, 1998

John LaCosta    S aturday (11/7) The Museum was back to its Sunday only schedule so the work day continued into the afternoon for the Visitor's Center crew. Rick Williams, Mark Hurley, Dan Lawrence and ? worked in the Visitors center on the "G" scale display and upgrading the gift shop area.

     Rick Obbink, Paul Ritterhoff and I worked up at 22nd street shop cleaning up one of the offices to prepare for the installation of the signaling system equipment..

     Sunday (11/8) Today we celebrated the Birthday of car 1050. 1050 is a single truck car built 100 years ago. I arrived at about 11:15AM to be the Dispatcher and started to prepare for the day. The crew consisted of Bob Cohen, Andy Blumberg and Rev. Kevin Mueller. The visitors started off at a moderate pace that was easily handled by the crew. At 2 PM a ceremony was held in the auditorium for car 1050. At the same time Bell Atlantic presented the Museum with a check for $1500 to help replace the insulators in our overhead.

     After the presentations everyone had a piece of the birthday cake rode the cars. There were so many people that I had to dispatch 2 cars at a time to handle to visitors. Everyone wanted to ride car 1050, and given its size, it took a lot of trips to give everyone a chance.

     The visitors also got to hear a barber shop quartet (Calliope) and Mark Hurley playing the organ, they took turns.

     Besides the revenue crew, we had help from Ben Bates, Ed Amrhein and Dan Lawrence.

     Given the cool weather the other cars used were all closed cars (7407, 6119 and 264). We also had visits from the Sun Paper, TV 13 and members of the Seashore Trolley Museum, located in Maine.

     It was a busy day but everything seemed to go well. My thanks to all who helped today.


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