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Track Updates for November 1, 1998

John LaCosta    T uesday (10/20) Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with John Diefenbach and Paul Ritterhoff as crew for an evening tour.

     Saturday (10/24) Mark Hurley was Dispatcher with Bernie Sachs and Ed Amrhein as crew.

     Sunday (10/25) John O'Neil was Dispatcher with Andy Blumberg, Carl Thistel and David Baynes as crew. The day was a good one in terms of visitors, but it was not without its share of problems. The first was one of the two coil springs on the #2 door trolley bridge popped off. The second was the PCC's inability to pump up air to control the doors.

     The first problem caused no real problems since the second spring was enough to hold the bridge up in line with the wire. The bridge is a wooden piece shaped on the bottom to look like a piece of trolley wire. This piece of wood bridges the outside trolley wire to the inside trolley wire. It also allows the door to descend and push the piece of wood out of the way. Its wood so that the door can be closed with the power on and not short he trolley wire to the metal door.

     The problem with the PCC kept it from running till the next Saturday.

     Friday (10/30) Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Paul Ritterhoff and Mark Hurley as crew for an evening tour.

     Saturday (10/31) Ed Amrhein, Greg Thompson and I started to work on the PCC while Ray Cannon and Ben Bates did some track maintenance around the yard area. Inside the Visitor's Center Rick Williams and Mark Hurley continued to work on the "G" scale display.

     The PCC had gotten dirty and some of the contacts were not making a good connection. This bad connection prevented the air from getting to the door engine. While it was on the pit, I adjusted the limit relay back to its normal adjustment. Carl Merson told us later that day that the adjustment had made a large improvement on the performance of the car.

     Ed and I then prepared the brackets for mounting the outside Christmas tree to the Visitor's center.

     Carl Merson took over as Dispatcher with John Diefenbach, Tom Phillips and Greg Thompson as crew.

     Sunday (11/1) Bob Krueger was Dispatcher with Chris Ellis and Mike Citron as crew. A small crew for a large number of visitors.


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