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Track Updates for September 13, 1998

John LaCosta    F riday (9/11) Ed Amrhein and Rick Obbink continued to work on the crane. They have installed new wood blocks on the end of the boom and continued to paint the exterior of the crane.

     Saturday (9/12) This was clean up day for the museum. The clean up was to get the museum ready for the member's annual meeting next Saturday.

     It was a busy day with lots of groups working.

     Cutting the grass was handled by Nathan Collinson-Streng, Carl Merson and Justin Thillman. The never ending task of weeding was performed by Rick Williams, Christopher Howell and Mark Hurley. Final grass trimming was done by Carl Merson and Mark Hurley.

     A year's worth of dirt and other stuff was power washed off the Visitor's Center brick by Rick Obbink and Ed Amrhein. While I don't do windows, Dan Lawrence washed the Visitor's Center windows. Rick Williams cleaned up the platforms around the Visitors' Center.

     The car hose was in great need of cleaning as well and Greg Thompson, Ed Amrhein and I spent almost the whole day working in the car house. Member's should be able to see the cars next week in a clean car house with out a lot of "junk" in the way.

     Mark Dawson and his son James Dawson spent the day letter the crane, 3715.

     Ben Bates was Dispatcher with Buster Hughes as crew, everyone else was working at cleaning.

     Sunday (9/13) John O'Neill was Dispatcher with Dave Baynes as crew. The number of visitors was much less than Saturday.

     Hope to see you all at the annual meeting.


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