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Track Updates for August 9, 1998

John LaCosta    F irst, thanks to Don Homberg for supplying the pictures that I included in the last update. Second, the Band concert was on Tuesday, not Thursday, sorry. Third Dave Crew should have been Dave Crow, sorry.

     The Wednesday crew had two charters with Warren Olt as Dispatcher and Harry Gesser, C. Ben Bates, Charles Plantholt and Carl Thistel as crew. All the charters were given rides on the open car 554 and the Witt, 6119.

     The crane crew continues to work on replacing the wood on the boom and painting the interior of the cab.

     Saturday morning started with Greg Thompson, Ed Amrhein, Rick Obbink, and I getting ready to replace the crossarm at the Highway yard. A quick check determined that we did not have the proper size pole clamp, so we cleaned the line car instead.

     Over the past year we have used the line car, but by the time the day is done, we always seem to run out of time to clean the car. It took the four of us all morning to clean it up, but we got it done. All the span wire that had been removed during previous repairs and replacements was measured, tagged, coiled and hung on the car. All the small pieces of span wire that are too short to use were thrown out. We also took a number of insulators up to the shop to get them ready for Dave Crow to rebuild.

     Ed also installed the folding step on car 3550. This car had a folding step added when it was converted to a one man car. Unfortunately the step and most of the mechanism was missing by the time the Museum received the car. We did get some spare part for another car and after some careful measurements, we decide how to build the folding steps. Ed's installation was just to see if everything would fit and work properly, which it did. We how have to make the proper size pins and build the second step mechanism.

     By lunch time the revenue crew had arrived with Mark Hurley as Dispatcher, Dan Lawrence, Carl Merson and Buster Hughes as crew. This weekend was a special event weekend, the "Dog Days of Summer". Each visitor that pays an admission is treated to a free hot dog. Those that did not pay an admission could purchase a hot dog, along with sodas and chips.

     That afternoon we started to work on building the second step for 3550.

     Sunday was the second "Dog Days of Summer" with Carl Merson as Dispatcher and Tom Phillips, Andy Blumberg, David Baynes, Dan Lawrence and Carl Thistle as crew.

     For both days Rick Williams and Michele Lawrence took care of the hot dog and sodas.

     Turnout for both days was reasonable, but not overflowing.


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