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John LaCosta

Track Updates for July 12, 1998

John LaCosta    S aturday was a short day for the shop at Baltimore, but a long one for Ed Amrhein and Rick Obbink.

     I only had the morning available to work at the museum so my task list was small. The main task was to install the repaired relay in the Peter Witt to allow the center doors to operate with the safety interlock circuit. Since this was a safety feature we had disabled the center doors until the relay could be repaired. This relay prevents the operator from moving the car if any of the doors are open.

     The motor repair shop wound a new coil and shipped it back to us. All I had to do was connect the coil to the proper terminals on the relay frame and then reconnect the relay to the wires in the car. By late morning the relay was reinstalled and the car was back to normal. During the repair of the Witt I had to help the repairman for the security system try to find an intermittent problem, but as always, it had cleared when he had arrived. Needless to say, it was 15 minutes after he left that the problem occurred again.

     While I was outside working on the Witt, Rick Williams was installing wall brackets in preparation for installing a "G" scale trolley track around the wall inside the Visitor's Center.

     Meanwhile Rick Obbink and Ed were traveling northbound to complete the last part of the trade for the crane. They went up with two surplus controllers and one surplus air compressor. After a long trip up, including one flat tire, they returned quite late with one traction motor (for the open car 1164) and four air compressors, two of which we have to repair and send back, the other two we keep. The motor for 1164 was the last item we needed to complete the rebuilding of the truck. The motor we did get was for a different size axle and we will have to do some modifications to allow us to use it in 1164, but that is not beyond our ability.

     By noon on Saturday the revenue crew had arrived with Mark Hurley as Dispatcher and Chris Howell, David Baynes and Greg Thompson as crew, with Greg a student motorman. It was a good day for the museum with a reasonable number of visitors.

     Sunday Ben M Bates was Dispatcher and Dennis Falter and Bob Cohen were crew. They were a busy crew with a number of visitors that day.

     During Sunday Rick Obbink and Dennis Yeager worked in the shop on 1164's truck.

     This report and next week's report will be late and somewhat short. I am in a Gilbert and Sullivan Musical and this weekend and next weekend are performance days.


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